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Sweeter Than The Wine

by Andy Pratt

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Without You 03:22
the nights cannot live without the moon the days can’t go on without some sunny tune the harvest won’t last without the rain and my love for you, it still remains the birds always know before the storm and they always know before october goes i can’t 9ly with them to wintry southern hues and i can’t go on without you without you, a face that was forgotten thinking you were the one i left behind without you, my soul it is mistaken thinking two hearts beat together a thrill cannot last beyond it’s noon the 9ire, it has died but the ashes loom my cigarette glows into the gloom and i can’t go on without you
i walked by your house today on this early december morning it was cold, but it was bright through the square and past the night due west on 8ifth avenue just a sliver of that old historic route past the bread line, through the wild i remember our christmas time through the shaded streets of enos park i continued my early morning walk an old familiar view or two and the thought i might run in to you just a step past your front lawn saw there was no car parked front of the garage i looked up at your window but i couldn’t see anymore past the bull, under the wall where we sat by edward’s place in the fall now i’ve come a little too far and it’s time to turn around i walked by your house today before i was on my way wondered what the letterbox might have to say as i stood at your front door i heard that lone train whistle blow i walked by your house today
at mr. z’s, there was a funhouse strewn across the backyard in an otherwise unassuming quiet suburban town the nice old man, he wore a grey hat as he puffed on his cigar as he sat and watched the children in his carnival they came on bicycles straight from school on days it didn’t rain and the latch leapt from from the red worn castle wall a juvenile jangle james and his jungle gymboree and an old timer’s sleepy dreams of what once ever was the usual suspects of the railroad tracks marching up and down the tree to a shelter within the midwestern canopy there was a zip-line from the treehouse to the white stripped old garage and a bon?ire in a pit out in the yard a trampoline with a basketball a crawl space in the car hole and those shingles you could step right out across no one blinked an eye, no no one turned a head out on central avenue no one thought any wrong to call like a father’s gift to all his sons, to them seemed the greatest gift there ever was a mini theme park in the middle of nothing much else at all everyone thought they were superman everyone thought they could ?ly back then kids they’d just be kids and them folks would just say goodbye little billy, oh no he’d never fall, for you see then they’d have to close it all and that would be the end of the old man’s carnival at mr. z’s, there was a funhouse strewn across the backyard in an otherwise unassuming quiet suburban town
55 No More 05:56
driving down that 55 to see you and you don’t even know i’m on my way been so many years since i have known you wondering now just what you might say on that long stretch of road down to cairo through the ferris wheel of husk in late summer’s air everybody’s waiting for the harvest but i’’ll be buried in your golden hair driving all the way down that old speedway to your front door and no more will i roam i’ll be there today, no more trouble will i pay and i can’t drive on that 55 no more old broadwell, lincoln, williams, mr. sherman i hope you got my letters, well they’re on the way you’re driving a little faster now than normal wondering what them letters just might say thinking about the day that i last saw you thinking about the road that i did not share the tower stands, but the carillon’s not ringing but i’ll be buried in your golden hair remembering that weekend in missouri we missed the last ride up, we missed the world’s fair that antique barn on down the road’s still open i’m sure they’ll have our postcards there
there’s a place you can go where the dandelions grow and the 4lower is much sweeter than the wine there’s a path through the trees made of last october’s leaves and it leads you to a playground in july a ladder cuts through the air and you climb into the sky now you’re looking down a shiny metal slide the sun is riding high and you have to squint your eyes as you zoom on down you almost catch on 4ire fall through the leaves now into the pile you dive jump out any moment or maybe just stay inside and the carousel is spinning about a hundred miles an hour so you better hold on tight or you’re thrown off the swings are pressing on and if you push your legs real strong you maybe can swing over the top rung those 4ire4ly evenings in the warm summer’s air and a game of hide and seek has just begun round up the cicadas in a red radio 4lyer and you set up camp outside on the front lawn another scorcher of a night and the power is all gone and the neighbors on their front properties as a car passes by, mr. b howls a drunken cry asks the driver if he works for thomas e jump in the lake now sure feels nice and cool hold your breath for as long as you can touch your toes to the bottom too and the night swimming, sand castles, moon light’s glow and the 4ireworks on the 4th of july the lake is an ocean, the most water that you know and the sands, they have been there for all time there’s a shortcut to school a couple houses past the poole’s you just bike through the neighbor’s backlot and front drive a trail heading north leads you to the ravines and those tracks, they follow you along the side there’s a tumor on the tree out on 13th avenue or did some child get swallowed alive dig a hole in your backyard, it’ll go all the way to china or maybe the older kids just lied ghosts in the attic and the people that live under the stairs old toys in the crawl space from the family that once lived there and two castles on chestnut’s cobble stone road one for each daughter the tale is told a gazebo in the middle for a local sunday wedding but now the castles have been separately sold there’s a place you can go where the dandelions grow and the 4lower is much sweeter than the wine
wake up with a startle to the cold wind’s call i can’t tell if it’s early spring or the death of fall the trees are bare, land’s frozen mud, a cough into the mist can’t see too far on up ahead, the fog is much too thick :igure there must be someone else here among these sticks i see the harbor’s closed, the ships all gone, i hear a distant buoy there’s something on the water past the breakers, far from shore i see a :lashing light, what’s it :lashing for? for it is not a ship i see, but a haven on the :lood there is no safe way out there though, it’s much too far beyond and you never can go home again you’ve left her and now she’s gone broke her heart, she cried a year too now you’ve left her and now she’s left you walk away from the water for the sea’s too hard to bear there’s a clearing through the pines, their mure, my thoroughfare there is no green, just brown and grey, a restlessness i sense I’m not alone, something’s there, watching in the distance i cannot breathe, i’ve lost my way, the main road must be closed i stumble now, i trip and fall, pick up a dead rose it’s getting dark, it’s getting late, no sun to be going down it’s moist, it’s thick, the air is froze, mercury dropping now there’s a house up on the hill, it stands alone in the sky a light from the front window, a :lame that :lickers shy there must be someone in there, i must go and see with a limp in my step, this stick i wield, i carefully proceed a knock on the door echoes through the wood, no answer to the call i push that door wide open, it wasn’t locked at all i call out for just anyone, but only the rooms respond just a candle on the sill and the cold wind’s call
Lie With Me 03:58
lie with me one more time stay with me one more time be close to me one more time before you go as you stood in your bedroom in your sun5lower dress in late august’s summer as those tears fell to rest this is the last time in each other’s arms as we cling to each other knowing paradise lost as i take off your dress now and feel your soft skin our lips come together to begin our true end fall into each other, you touch me that way as if it weren’t over, but we’re still the same as the sun 5loods your window, i look down in your eyes the sweat from your forehead, it glistens and cries as we move together i feel you inside this is forever, this is not just goodbye as we lie here naked, wrapped in our lost love our minds in the quiet at least just for now i’ll love you this last time, but i’ll love you always you see i’m not really going, i’m just going away
she’s the last one at the end and she’s been looking for the send she wants it fast, she wants it far to and from the nearest star seems she’s waiting there to see after the melody she’s the last one on the drift probably been working that small timer grift a minor arcana to see that ones own augury she’s got her back turned to the booze she wants to hear the blues there’s a warm wind blowing there’s a warm wind blowing that south wind blowing tonight it’s the last one of the hour before the solitary howl burning the midnight oil to schemes all of a lover’s wistful dreams she sets the clock, she sets the wait no lesser than any wealthy man’s fate and the others call you on with no big shoulders to lean upon but there’s a welcome there to be after the harmony she’s got her back turned to the bar honey, those wheels will take you far she’s the last one at the end them wheels coming around the bend she’s driving fast, she’s driving far to and from the nearest star and she ain’t waiting there to see after the melody


Sweeter Than The Wine is Andy Pratt's second full length LP. Recorded at home during the years 2020 and 2021, Andy plays all the instruments on this album except for a solo feature by saxophonist Alex Beltran. Andy incorporates analog synthesizers and a drum machine into his songs on this venture.


released September 9, 2022


all rights reserved



Andy Pratt Chicago, Illinois

Andy is a Chicago based singer-songwriter & jazz guitarist.
His music has been featured in Magnet, Goldmine, The Vinyl District, & several other publications.
In the summers of 2017-2019, Andy toured across the country and Canada in support of his Horizon Disrupted & Further Disruption albums. Andy had the great opportunity to work with Steve Albini on these records. His new album drops on 9/9/22!
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